Thursday the 27th of October sees the Richard Harris International Film Festival kick off in Limerick and among the list of great movies to see be sure not to miss ‘I Am’, a short narrative film written and directed by our very own Kamal Ibrahim.
Kamal’s passion to move people with his stories really rings true with ‘I Am’ as he explores the deepest and most sensitive parts of a persons life experiences. He introduces us to Chetana and brings us through her journey of self discovery. A truly heart warming piece which may have you thinking about who you really are.
A founding member of Bankhouse and now finding his seat firmly in the directors chair we are really excited for what’s in the pipe line. Our latest documentary ‘The Evolution Of Success’ produced by Matthew Toman directed by Kamal Ibrahim gives Kamal the opportunity to dig deep into some of the greatest minds in the personal development space to uncover their story and help others learn form it.
‘I Am’ screens on Friday 28th of October 10.30 am at Belltable Arts Centre Limerick be sure not to miss it…

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